Thank You

January 10, 2015

I am honored and excited to be representing District 11 in the General Assembly with Senator Bobby Zirkin and Delegates Dan Morhaim and Dana Stein.

The Speaker of the House has appointed me to serve on the Appropriations Committee, where I’m on the Education and Economic Development Subcommittee and the Pension Oversight Subcommittee. I’m very excited about this appointment as it will enable me to help lead the conversation about how to set state priorities that best use our limited community resources most effectively and efficiently.

To be most up-to-date on what I'm doing please "friend" me on Facebook and "like" my Shelly Hettleman for Delegate page. I will be corresponding with the community while the General Assembly is in session, so please sign up to receive email updates and check my Shelly Hettleman for Delegate page where I’ll be posting regularly.  Please check back often and feel free to share my notes with others. Thanks for your continued support!

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